We bring together civic and technology leaders to craft regional digital agendas • We harness the power of data to inform and reshape priorities to help solve problems • We understand the future of big data is big open data • We believe in physical places designed to connect, inspire and ignite creativity and innovation • We fuel thriving, inclusive economies for the 21st century

Programmatic Pillars 

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Cultivating a smarT   Civic sector

Empowering neighborhoods with technology

building the first smart Great Lake through innovation 

About Us

Many communities that were built on a 20th century manufacturing base now face the challenge of transitioning to a digital economy. Communities everywhere need strategies and practical programming that support their transition. That’s why DigitalC was formed.

As a civic tech collaboration, we catalyze innovative technology for community impact. Led by a diverse team with experience in technology, start ups, strategy, business and civic tech, we partner with business, technology and civic leaders to provide strategies and programs so that communities can navigate a pathway that enables 21st century opportunities for all.

To realize this goal, we engage technology leaders to leverage their knowledge for the civic agenda; accelerate the access, adoption and use of data-driven solutions; and develop programs such as intentional, inclusive neighborhoods where innovators can live, work and play.

Founded in Cleveland, Ohio, we aspire to be a leading advocate for the digital transformation of communities across the nation.