CLE Exchange

CLE Exchange aspires to find champions who can help shape a new civic agenda informed by technology. 

DigitalC brought together over 50 of Cleveland's original thinkers and diverse leaders in tech, design, art, science, and education to our first-in-series CLE Exchange. With this opportunity to engage, share, and learn about uniquely interesting topics and ideas, we work to shape the new civic agenda shaped by technology. 

These best and brightest minds presented 22 seven-minute pitches on new ideas, projects, and passions, followed by an impromptu jam session. The creative juices were flowing and the inspiration was contagious. Over 68% of our participants reported that the event created new connections that will be useful in driving their ideas forward.

Stay tuned for future CLE Exchange events where ideas and projects lead to a broader dialogue and more collaboration between private and public sector in technology.