Creating a Data Smart Culture through Learning


Now, data is everywhere. You can track what you eat, how much you walk, and what you wear.  It’s not just personal data for yourself either.  Every organization also wants to know how to get value out of data and apply to real life situations as quickly as possible.

From nonprofit organizations to the largest healthcare organizations to businesses big and small, data skills are in demand across all industries.

Why? Because data is one of the best way to predict outcomes, help fix a problem before it becomes a crisis, and to find relationships between details you may not have considered before. With that in mind, organizations are asking: what data skills are the most important for my team to learn?

Tyler Byers, Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at Itron said it best at a Meetup of aspiring data scientists, “The most important skill for a data scientist is to know how to learn, and how and where to acquire new skills.”

This more than anything is what can help professionals who have no formal training in data skills get up to speed fast. Being willing to learn new skills is what will help organizations fill the data scientist gap that exist on staffs now.

DigitalC Makes Learning Data Skills Easy

Being open to learning is the first step. The second is knowing how and where to acquire new skills. For this reason, DigitalC has created three types of data analytic bootcamps with a focus on data skills for professionals: The Data Analytics Workshop, Data Science for Analysts, and Data-Driven Executives.

Unlike online courses, these workshops and bootcamps are taught in small cohorts in-person,  focused on specific data questions or areas for analysis.  Our corporate bootcamps are designed with executives and managers prior to beginning.  Working with managers and IT staff, the data available in the organization, governance and access policies, and top goals for the organizations are identified. We tailor the bootcamps ensuring that what’s learned supports staff with their daily work when they leave the class.

Case Study: Data Science for Analysts in Healthcare

Recently DigitalC designed a 10-week Data Science Analysts in Healthcare bootcamp in conjunction with the executives and managers of University Hospital with the goal of training a cohort of 15 employees on how to gather and uncover data to solve pressing data questions to improve performance.

After taking the Data Science for Analysts bootcamp focused on R, Abby Williams, Operations Analyst at University Hospitals says “Digital C helped me think outside the box and understand the true meaning of exploratory analysis”

Now Abby and others are using R to describe, summarize, and filter data; using visualization tools to plot, chart, and share results; and using design thinking as a new mindset to find the best solutions for their problems.

"Putting the power of data-driven insight into the hands of those whom can best act on it is paramount to UH's success. With the tools DigitalC can teach, we can help build a broader and deeper team of data-savvy employees to lead these activities. I am excited to see what innovations and insights these new tools will bring to the organization," said John Shanahan, Manager Enterprise Data, Reporting & Analytics at University Hospital.

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