Smart Cities Connect: (PART I)

The rapid evolution of technology coupled with the population increase in urban communities is seeing more cities across the globe utilizing technology to better manage resources and improve the lives of their citizens. Greater internet connectivity, data management tools and technological advances such as smart networks, sensors, meters and other infrastructure have given rise to the smart city model with places such as Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and San Francisco already blazing a trail. But it’s not just large cities looking to transform, communities across the globe are seeking to transition their “normal” infrastructure to intelligent apparatuses and structures to bring their communities onboard. 

According to an article published by Tech Republic in 2018, sixty-percent of the world’s population (5.8 billion people according to United Nations projections) is expected to live in smart cities by as soon as 2050.

To drive dialogue, planning and action around smart cities, The US Ignite Summit/Smart Cities Connect Conference was created to connect academic, industry, public officials, researchers and community leaders for workshops and conversations around the deployment of advanced infrastructure and technology to improve cities and empower communities.

This year, the Smart Cities Connect (SCC) Conference took place in Denver from April 1-4. Major themes and areas of focus will include:

●        Impact of technology on urban operations and municipal infrastructure (broadband, utilities, public safety and emergency response, transportation)

●        Broad-scale transformation of services resulting from digitization (big data, artificial intelligence, sensors and the internet of things), and

●        Community engagement and inclusion (policy and governance and digital equity)

 A delegation of local leaders accompanied DigitalC to the event.

In connection with DigitalC’s mission to “EmpowerCLE” through the provision of internet connectivity for underserved neighborhoods, digital skills training and access to technology, the SCC will provide DigitalC and our partners the opportunity to:

●        Establish and build relationships with other organizations, our peers and community members

●        Learn best practices from communities spearheading and executing smart city strategies

●        Gather information around leveraging civic technology for the empowerment of Cleveland residents and neighborhoods

Participating in smart discussions like these around infrastructure, technology and community, furthering relationships and gaining a greater understanding of how to best utilize civic technology will bring Cleveland one step closer to adopting smart technology solutions, creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all communities.


For additional information about DigitalC’s participation in the U.S. Ignite Summit/ Smart Cities Connect Conference, please contact Jeff Brancato at