CLE Exchange 2017 FAQ


Where is it taking place?

Cleveland Children’s Museum, 3813 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115

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How do I get to CLE X?

You can either drive, carpool, or Uber/Lyft. There is parking available in both the front and back of the Museum. 

How long will it last?

9:30am - 5:00pm

What is the goal of CLE X?

  • To bring together Cleveland’s best minds in tech, design, art, science and education to spark new ideas and share creativity.  

  • To hear first hand what your most creative peers are working on and create a platform for action.

Who is coming?

Invited speakers and passionate innovators who want to engage, teach, learn, and inspire on uniquely interesting topics. People who have:

  • Displayed passion about ideas and implementation

  • Taken risks

  • Moved an industry

  • Instigated a shift in how Cleveland does business, plans, looks at art, real estate, technology, education

  • Are thinking about the next idea, a way to improve an aspect of life

  • Triumphed in the face of challenge, not just with turning a company around but in a broader sense

  • Diverse and unique perspectives

What should I talk about?

Something you are truly passionate about such as…

  • A technology you think can alter how we function in society

  • Ideas you believe could change a public system

Can I pitch my company product?

No, this is a safe space to share ideas, not to find investors. It's a time to talk about the future and innovative projects.

Why should I attend CLE X?

  • Share with your peers, collaborate and fuel your idea

  • Develop technology not as a solution, but to positively impact people

  • Focus on success as execution not just as innovation

  • Create a network to improve other's chance of success

  • Evaluate the ingredients, our barriers, our DNA of the Midwest and leverage that

  • Combine the wisdom of those who have succeeded and the energy of youth

  • Create an environment where people are able to access the wealth of knowledge that has gone before

  • Mix form, function and social to attract talented people

What should I bring?

  • Your ideas that can inspire, engage and expand horizons of fellow attendees

  • Props, but not powerpoints

  • Camera, for memories of the event

  • Musical instrument for impromptu jam sessions

  • Things for people to try, play with, or taste

Will there be connectivity?

A wireless internet connection will be available.

Can I bring additional people (uninvited) to the event?

Unfortunately no guests are able to attend CLE Exchange. This is an invite-only event.

Where will I eat?

There will be plenty of food and drink. Vegetarian options available.