Civic Insights Hub

At the core of our solution set is a Data and Insights Hub and supporting processes and infrastructure that are designed to minimize the burden of continuous collecting, organizing and disseminating rich data, insights, analytics tools and civic applications.  

  • A cloud-based framework, the hub will facilitate contributors and consumers of data to share and access an array of public and private data in the forms most useful and beneficial to the civic agenda.
  • A blend of publicly available data and private data that we have acquired with permission is being curated and located in the hub to drive innovative data mining and critically needed problem solving.  
  • As we identify specific social problems to be solved through analytics, we will determine the data needed, which will already be in the hub or will have to be acquired.  This will accelerate advanced analytics to drive insights needed to solve problems.
  • The hub will allow the public to access important and interesting information about the region and community.  It will also contain information that we will keep secure and make available only to the public agencies and organizations who are using that data to solve problems for public good.