We are accelerating access, adoption and use of data-driven technologies and solutions that will positively impact the community, through Data For Impact. 


The quality of life of our region and its attractiveness to economic development is challenged by a range of complex social issues, many of which could be addressed through data-driven insights and fact-based solutions fueled by publicly available data.

  • Though many public agencies want to share the wealth of data they store, that data is often difficult to access across disparate digital and paper-based systems
  • Aggregating, making available and analyzing public data can enable the creation of the rich fact-based insights needed to solve a wide range of complex social issues
  • Inclusive citizen engagement in defining the issues to address through data and analytics will result in more impact and meaningful community outcomes

Our offerings are designed to enable lasting positive impacts on the region’s quality of life. They support the analysis of social issues, make productive use of data to improve organizations’ impact, and lead to civic improvements that support the attraction and retention of citizens and businesses in the region. 



DataSmart Bootcamps position current and potential employees to become data-­savvy professionals, and allow our region to continue to develop and attract a 21st century skilled workforce. 

The Learning Studio gives problem solving & data skills for professionals making decisions and designing solutions, not just making spreadsheets




Data Diagnostics Workshops help our partners and clients understand what they need to do to assure a highly comprehensive, trusted and accessible set of data assets that is shared inside and outside of the organization where appropriate.

Analytics Forum identifies and prioritizes key business needs that can be addressed using data analytics techniques and the business justification for investing in data.

Civic Insights is our state­-of-­the­-art data library and analytics platform designed to leverage existing and publicly available information and insights to make relevant and powerful data and analytics available to community organizations, researchers, businesses and residents.



Data Science Driven Problem Solving through our team of data scientists to help solve our partners' and clients' complex social problems using data and predictive analytics.