DigitalC provides DataSmart Bootcamps for both large and small organizations. These training and coaching programs will transform industry professionals into data literate professionals, data experts, and data scientists for your organization. The intensive ten week training will help  participants:

  • Achieve data literacy including where and how to find and use data
  • Adopt best practices for data curation (collection, quality, storing and sharing)
  • Interact with data using common data science analysis tools
  • Draw conclusions by analyzing data
  • Communicate results in a professional setting

The bootcamp can be customized from the standard ten week session to a short six or eight week session for participants with less data analysis exposure or experience.  In the abbreviated class, thinking like a data scientist, understanding data acquisition and management, and how best to apply and visualize  data will help transform participants into data literate professionals who leverage data to drive bottom-line action in their organizations. 

All participants will get hands-on experience through real-world examples drawn from a variety of disciplines including safety, education, healthcare, government, energy, manufacturing and management.   And, working with your organization directly, we will create learning activities that match up with the latest challenges in your organization.