Intelligent Water Systems Competition


Water Systems Competition is a follow on community engagement to take a sub-set of solutions proposed at ErieHack as well as newly developed ideas to provide additional support and engagement to advance the innovation work to identify, monitor, and respond to the challenge of increased Phosphorus in Lake Erie. Over the course of the 5 months of the Erie Hack work, the issue of increased Phosphorous in Lake Erie was noted as one of the greatest concerns. While phosphorous and nitrogen are essential to any healthy environment, dramatically increasing levels of these nutrients to the Lake Erie Basin poses a serious threat to the integrity of all its ecosystems and the communities that live along its shores. Among other impacts, nutrient loading serves a key role in the formation of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), a strain of environmental disaster that can disrupt recreation in towns along the shoreline one day and leave hundreds of thousands without drinkable water the next.

The Challenge:How might we design, engineer and develop an integrated solution that leverages advanced networks and sensor technology to monitor the reduction of Phosphorous in Lake Erie?

The Call To Action – Your Solution:The goal of the Intelligent Water Systems Competition is to create a working prototype of a solution that leverages advanced secured, gigabit and software-defined networks, along with other technologies that enable instrumentation, detection, notification, and rapid response in order to support early and real-time detection of Phosphorus loading and its environmental impacts in the Lake Erie Watershed.

  • May 3                     Project Kick-off
  • June 3                     First Meet Up
  • July 13/14/15            Second Meet Up (date to be confirmed with technical resource)
  • August 10/11/12        Third Meet Up (date to be confirmed with technical resource)
  • September 13/14/15  Fourth Meet Up (date to be confirmed with technical resource)
  • October 23              Winners Announced “Meeting of the Minds” (Cleveland, Ohio)
April 28
A Taste of Tech
May 3
Impact Pitch