DigitalC Gives Access to Data and Analytics in its Civic Insights Hub
A new single location to store, access, and analyze data for community good

DigitalC, Cleveland’s civic tech collaborative, has released the Civic Insights Hub, a free online community website with an open data library and basic analytics tools to make discoveries and insights using data.

Northeast Ohio is rich with open data, which is information that is free and accessible to the public.  The Civic Insights Hub has put a wide range of open data sources in one easy-to-use location with over 300 data files from over 11 sources in public transportation, workforce, employment, land use, and education.

Residents, researchers, government, and community agencies are encouraged to explore the data, use the mapping and graphing tools to analyze the data, and apply the results to make a positive impact on social, economic, and environmental issues in the region.

“Big and open data has become an important part of an ecosystem for addressing community issues.  We believe we can help accelerate positive change by making data, analytics, and insights from us and others available to a broad range of people,” said Dean Trilling, Senior Vice President for Data Driven Solutions. “The Hub is intended to serve as a complement to existing community information sites.”

As the Hub grows, users are encouraged to submit suggestions on additional data sets included in the Hub based on issues they are trying to solve. DigitalC will periodically analyze data on the site and release stories that are relevant to the community. DigitalC welcomes the community to expand upon these data-driven stories and to create new ones for community participation.

The Civic Insights Hub is more than just a repository for data. With the basic analytic tools and the stories from DigitalC’s own research and analysis, the Hub is designed to be the go-to place for open source data and insights in Northeast Ohio.  We will be expanding our data and analytics reach outside Northeast Ohio in the near future.

For more information about the Civic Insights Hub, go to

Barbara Brown - 216-225-4834