Kauser Razvi

Director of Community and Developer Relations


Kauser Razvi is Director of Community and Developer Relations and engages with community groups, data stewards, and software developers in solving complex social problems through systems thinking, design, collaboration, and technology.  The basis of her work has always been the cultivation of civic engagement and transformation of public sector and non-profit agencies through organizing and technology work that promotes transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Kauser implemented the first integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) for the City of Chicago and its 42 city departments, and the system won an award as the best GIS implementation for the State of Illinois. She then worked across all city agencies, park districts, schools, and libraries to create an integrated out-of-school time system to ensure that out-of-school programs for kids were funded, high-quality, and accessed by those in need.

She has provided strategic consulting services to support the Cleveland Transformation Alliance’s work on access to quality schools; started the Global Cleveland initiative for talent attraction to Cleveland; and has supported clients across the country and in major cities such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Newark on various stakeholder engagement, program design, and technology projects.