The DigitalC Learning Studio teaches individuals critical skills of design thinking, data gathering and analysis, and using simple and complex analytics tools. Students learn to turn information into insights for performance management, program design, and reporting. A data science background is not necessary.


Today’s market requires your staff be innovative problem solvers proficient in using data. This can’t be achieved by hiring alone. Training in-house professional employees in strategic thinking and data analytics creates the culture necessary for organizations to succeed.



Cleveland Housing Hackathon- CMHA, DigitalC and Cleveland State University are partnering to host the Cleveland Housing Hackathon. The hackathon will aim aid the HCVP, Housing Choice Voucher Program, in its goal of finding well-resourced to increase mobility.

Erie Hack -  a tech-driven international water innovation competition and accelerator program that will bring together coders, developers, engineers, data experts, and water professionals to generate creative solutions to Lake Erie’s biggest challenges.