Marv Schwartz

Chief Scientist

Marv Schwartz is DigitalC’s Chief Scientist conducting research on reducing the frequency and severity of pediatric asthma attacks. He has completed two NSF-funded US Ignite EAGER grants for Connected Collaboration – multipoint HD videoconferencing over gigabit networks using commodity computers and webcams, and without a conferencing bridge or multipoint control unit.

He has been Chief Scientist for the Case Connection Zone, the nation’s first gigabit fiber-to-the-home community and a research project of Case Western Reserve University. The project studies how in-home ultrahigh-speed broadband can improve the quality of life for residents in areas such as health and wellness, home energy management, public safety, and STEM education at the high school level.

He has a doctorate in Computing and Information Sciences from Case Western Reserve University, where he is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science. He is a current member and was the first chair of the Corporate Advisory Board for The Institute for Management and Engineering, 2nd Vice President of the Case Alumni Association and a member of its Executive Committee, and a past member of the Visiting Committee for the Case School of Engineering.