Beginning in Cleveland, DigitalC engages and leverages the brightest local minds in technology to help shape, nurture and grow an authentic technology plan tied to community priorities.


  • Civic and industry leaders must broaden their participation and collaborate to focus on advancing the digital economy together
  • Tech leaders can inspire and coach the community to adopt technology for civic priorities
  • A region that adapts a culture of technology-driven innovation will attract the next generation workforce

DigitalC leverages the vast knowledge of this leadership sector to advance a community’s opportunities for talent, funding and future company creation. We partner with technology and civic leaders to design 21st century digital strategies – a New Civic Agenda for your city.



DigitalC organizes and convenes civic and technology leaders to customized site visits, conferences and events in other cities to explore, learn and adopt best, smart and responsive civic tech practices in our nation and around the world.

On Oct. 23-25, DigitalC helped bring the Meeting of the Minds 2017 Annual Summit to Cleveland. More than 400 VIPS from around the world came together at the Global Health Center of Innovation to share replicable solutions and innovations in urban sustainability and connected technology. Read more. 



Technology Leadership Network (TLN) organizes and convenes regional talent, including, but not limited to, chief innovation, digital, information, data and tech officers, along with leaders from other sectors who will help shape, nurture and grow a new civic agenda informed by technology.  The TLN will design an intentional strategy for a competitive digital economy with broad inclusive social engagement by 2020.

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CLE Exchange is a day-long, invitation-only event for technology, art and design leaders to share their innovative ideas and projects with their peers. These leaders are the future creative engine for our digital economy. 



DigitalC offers cities and communities advisory services in supporting the design and development of integrated and inclusive "new civic agendas" across the country.