DigitalC, in partnership with Cleveland Water Alliance and USIgnite, announces the Intelligent Water Systems Competition designed to build upon the Erie Hack ideas and proposed solutions to address the highest priority areas in the Lake Erie Basin.

The competition problem statement: How might we design, engineer and develop an integrated solution that leverages advanced networks and sensor technology to monitor the reduction of phosphorous in Lake Erie?

Meet-ups are scheduled over several months with winners to be announced at the Meeting of the Minds, October 23-25. Teams will compete for up to $100,000.00 in cash, in-kind and investments for the final winner of the project. Every month, Milestone Prizes will be awarded ranging from $500 – $1000 per team.

The Call To Action – Your Solution:The goal of the Intelligent Water Systems Competition is to create a working prototype of a solution that uses advanced secured, gigabit and software-defined networks, along with other technologies that enable instrumentation, detection, notification, and rapid response in order to support early and real-time detection of Phosphorus loading and its environmental impacts in the Lake Erie Watershed.


Technical Resources Available: This project will not only support the development ofprototypes, but will also create a learning community around advanced networks and sensor technologies.  DigitalC will work with our partners to provide resources in each of the following areas for participants.  Our goal is to support teams with the following technical resources:

Access to advanced gigabit, SDN-enabled network and network services.

  • Funds for Sensor kits
  • Data from ErieHack
  • Drone Technologies

Times and locations: here